MindthePRGap Talking Point 4 – Inclusivity and activism

Heather Yaxley outlines the discussion and actions points arising from the breakout Talking Point session looking at inclusivity and activism within PR. This was a dynamic group discussion that addressed three aspects of inclusivity and activism in relation to public relations: The industry itself Approach of the industry towards inclusivity and activism Inclusivity and activism in relation to PR degree courses As a result, the following action points were proposed: Action point #1: More research to establish a reliable demographic analysis of those working in PR.  Issues concerning gender and ethnicity/race have been researched to some extent in practice and… Read more »

MindthePRGap Talking Point 3 – Social capital and PR

Andy Green outlines the discussion and actions points arising from the breakout Talking Point session looking at whether social capital is part of PR practice. Social capital The group discussion explored and yielded many insightful responses, although one delegate was prompted to declare: “I cannot compute that question!” Although the question may seem fundamental resolved to them, it was evident from other discussions that there is still uncertainty about what exactly is ‘Social Capital’ and how does it work, particularly in a PR context. One example of this was a comment from participant describing the manager of a local company,… Read more »

Summit notes and summary of actions

These notes are my personal ‘out-takes’ from the summit. They are not intended to be an accurate record of what was said, but are more key points that resonated and that feed into the next steps that were established. Theory versus practice Tim Coombs stated that when the discussion about academics and PR people is framed as ‘theory versus practice’ it is unhelpful. Indeed PR people often do very good research and sometimes it is better than academic research. ‘Theory’ must take more account of business reality. If it is metaphysical (or purely philosophical) where does that get us? Tim… Read more »

MindthePRGap Talking Point 2 – Practice and education

Kelly O’Hanlon, senior lecturer in PR (Birmingham City University) outlines the discussion and actions points arising from the breakout Talking Point session looking at how those working in higher education and PR practice could work better together. It was agreed that having a practical basis of knowledge and learning from other people’s experiences were the fundamental benefits for practitioners and academics to work closely together. When inviting practitioners into higher education (HE), the benefits can include: mutual insights (into practice and into what students are really learning and really thinking); understanding expectations and skill sets; opportunity to see PR in… Read more »

MindthePRGap Talking Point 1 – Future Capabilities

Dr Jon White outlines the discussion and actions points arising from the breakout Talking Point session looking at Future Capabilities at #MindthePRGap 2017. There were a number of starting points for this discussion at the MindtheGap PR conference, 12 July 2017: 1. Earlier discussions during the day on global capabilities and the need to prepare graduates for a career that might last 50 years from graduation 2. Recognition of the implications of rapid technological developments – artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, robotics and virtual reality – and developments in the management of data, such as blockchain 3. The developing discussion on… Read more »

Presentations from #MindthePRGap 2017

Links to presentations kindly shared by speakers at the inaugural #MindthePRGap event are available in the following table. Research agenda Developing a more focused academic-practitioner PR research agenda. Keynote: Professor W. Timothy Coombs (Texas A&M University) – award winning researcher and world expert in crisis communications. [Slide pack – PR research agenda] Donald Steel – reputation, crisis management specialist. Update on Global Capabilities in Public Relations and Communication Management Dr. Johanna Fawkes (University of Huddersfield) – principal investigator for The Global Capability Framework for Public Relations and Communications Management. [Slide pack – global capability framework] Employability and Sustainable Careers Discussion… Read more »

Thank you

Following a successful launch of #MindthePRGap on 12 July 2017, the organising team comprising Philip Young, Paula Keaveney, Dr Kevin Ruck and Heather Yaxley would like to thank: Birmingham City University for hosting the event, the speakers and everyone who participated Kelly O’Hanlon at during the day, especially in the five Talking Point action sessions in the afternoon. Presentations and other thoughts from the day will be shared via this site’s blog and social media. The day itself generated attention through Twitter – with the hashtag #MindthePRGap trending in the Birmingham area…. Read more »

10 reasons to attend @MindthePRGap

Here are ten reasons to attend #MindthePRGap: It only costs a tenner (£10) so won’t break your training budget Focus on how combining theory and practice can inform and improve your work Learn about the latest PR research developments in a range of key topics Hear from – and talk with – two of the world’s top crisis experts (Tim Coombs and Donald Steel) Discover the global capabilities requirements for PR practitioners Participate in a panel discussion concerning employability and career sustainability Network with a room full of smart and interesting professionals Join small action groups to address pressing challenges… Read more »

Mind the PR Gap and CPD points

CIPR members who are attending the Mind the PR Gap event on 12 July, and who are taking part in the Institute’s CPD scheme will be able to claim points. Attending the event  has been valued at 10 points.  You can find it listed on the CIPR website by searching for events in the Midlands. Obviously, the event is going to be hugely valuable whether you are on the CPD scheme or not.  But if you are, it is worth claiming. You will need some evidence that you were there, but I will happily provide an e mail saying this… Read more »